'The World According to Paris' Debuts; Brooke Mueller May Steal The Show

June 2, 2011 By:
'The World According to Paris' Debuts; Brooke Mueller May Steal The Show

Say what you will about Paris Hilton, but the public's curiosity with her and her lavish lifestyle isn't going anywhere.

Hilton has been hitting the press hard to shed her image of being a party girl.

Paris told Hollyscoop: "There’s definitely a lot of misconceptions about me. I think people just from watching me on The Simple Life for so long assume that’s who I really am in life, but that’s not, that was juts a fun character that I made up."

Critics' first impressions of the show, however, is that Hilton is still the same girl we remember in The Simple Life. Entertainment Weekly criticized Hilton's "inane voice-over narrations", in which she complains that doing community service "really sucks."

To be fair, picking up trash after lazy people who litter does sound like it sucks. Still, other critics cite her showing up to community service in Christian Louboutin heels as evidence she hasn't changed.

But at the heart of it, people are going to watch the show for the same reason they watch any reality show—the drama. And with Brooke Mueller as a guest, I think we can expect it in upcoming episodes.

Kathy Hilton told Hollyscoop:
"You’re like a fly on the wall, first time opening my home, Nicky opened up her home, Paris, Brooke opened her home. It’s full access."

The teaser for next week's episode shows Brooke going insane. She says she misses Charlie, she cries, Paris tells her to f-ck off. Maybe this week's debut of The World According to Paris was just an ease into the drama. No matter how much Paris changes or doesn't change, Brooke Mueller is definitely the wild card.

Did you tune in to the premiere of Paris' new show? What did you think?