Suspect In Paris Robbery Arrested

January 23, 2009 By:
Suspect In Paris Robbery Arrested

Paris Hilton can rest knowing she's one step closer to getting the guy who robbed her of $2 million dollars worth of jewelry last month.

Police have arrested a man who is said to be the main suspect in the raid on Paris' home and has been charged with two burglaries.

Troy Thomas, 45, was allegedly the masterminded behind more than 150 thefts in three years in the Los Angeles area, targeting celebrities including Hilton, Duran Duran guitarist John Taylor, and several movie studio bosses.

He reportedly got away with $2 million worth of goods from Paris' home, and Rocker Taylor's L.A. property was raided in April 2007 and a safe was taken from the home.

Of course he denies all wrongdoing and claims he is 100% innocent. Tell it to the judge! Chances are even if he was found guilty, he already sold off the jewels he robbed Paris of.

UPDATE: LAPD Special Burglary Unit say Thomas is not a suspect and the burglar is still on the loose. Sorry Paris~