Paris to Debut Documentary About Her Life

May 18, 2009 By:
Paris to Debut Documentary About Her Life

If you think you know the real Paris Hilton, you don’t. She’s out to show the world the “real” Paris—not just the one we see via the tabloids. Paris stars in a new documentary about her life called Paris, Not France, that provides an intimate and provocative look at the world’s first new media star.

The film is shot in London, New York, Tokyo, LA, and Las Vegas, and shows the phenomenon of what it’s really like to live like Paris Hilton. It includes commentary from Paris’ family, friends, Donald Trump, Page Six, and more.

The film has been sitting on the shelf for three years due to disputes between Paris and the film’s creators and producers. But they’ve finally come to an agreement!

Paris, Not France premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last week, and will debut on MTV this summer.

Check out the trailer below.