Paris To Collaborate With Benji Madden On Upcoming Album

August 25, 2008 By:
Paris To Collaborate With Benji Madden On Upcoming Album

This past weekend, Hollyscoop got the opportunity to chat with Paris Hilton at the launch of her latest hair accessory, “The Bandit” during an exclusive bash in Malibu.

Paris had recently blogged about working on a new album, but we wanted to know if her rocker beau Benji Madden would be making a cameo in it.

Paris said, “Well, actually I have a studio at the house. He [Benji] actually helped me write some of the songs for my new album, and for the BFF show. He’s a really amazing talent, songwriter and singer."

So will there be a duet? Paris said, "Yes, definitely. When the show comes out.”

We also chatted with her heiress about looking for a new BFF in the UK for her MTV show “Paris Hilton's My New BFF." Paris said, “I had so much fun doing this one. I need a British BFF, so we're going to go over there in October.” She added that she “needs a BFF all over the world” because she's always traveling.

In regards to hearing her name in Senator John McCain's ad Paris said, “Random, nothing surprises me anymore.” When it comes to Paris, nothing surprises us either!

Check out our exclusive video with Paris below...