Paris Promises No More Baby Talk on New Show

January 14, 2011 By:
Paris Promises No More Baby Talk on New Show

Paris Hilton is promising to put the baby talking wind-up doll version of herself back in the box for now, and show us the “real” her.

Paris has a new show coming out on Oxygen called The World According to Paris, and she tells ET that viewers will finally get to know “the real me.”

Apparently, she’s been playing some character all these years. "When I did 'The Simple Life' I was playing a character that I created and I had no idea it would last so many seasons, so I had to continue doing that character, so I think people assume that's really how I am. But when they see this new show they're going to see the real me," she explained.

"It's a show like I've never done before. I'm really letting cameras into my real life, and it's just a really all-access pass into what goes on," Paris added.

Hmmmm I have my doubts….watch the video below. I hear baby voice trying to sneak back in there! Brooke Mueller is definitely going to steal the show though—how many packs of reds does that chick smoke a day?!