Paris: I'm Very Happy Being Single and Free

June 12, 2009 By:
Paris: I'm Very Happy Being Single and Free

Paris Hilton is on rumor patrol! Earlier today it was reported that Paris was at ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt’s house at 4AM begging to take her back.

TMZ reported, "She told him she loved him and made a mistake by breaking up with him.” But that was false reporting, as Paris has confirmed herself that she’s 100% single.

She told Radar that she was suspicious of someone telling lies about her. She said today, "I have an idea who is spreading these false stories about me, and it's immature."

Paris went on to explain to Radar exactly where she was last night at 4AM. She said, "I was at my house at 2:30AM last night, in bed. I had a going away party with family and friends.”

"I'm leaving for Dubai early next week to shoot MY BFF: Dubai. Media reports that I was anywhere but my house last night are false."

So take that! Paris also said, "I'm very happy being single and free. I'm looking forward to shooting in Dubai, and having a great summer."

Another one bites the dust! Paris can’t be tied down for too long! Doug should have seen this coming a mile away.