Paris Hilton's New Man Cy Waits is Mom Approved

August 20, 2010 By:
Paris Hilton's New Man Cy Waits is Mom Approved

Paris Hilton is finally dating a man the whole family approves of. Paris started dating Vegas nightlife mogul Cy Waits a few months ago and judging by their recent outings, we'd say things are going great between these two.

And lucky for Paris, she's finally dating someone the entire family approves of. A source told x17Online: "Cy has never been happier, he truly loves and cares about her.

"Her parents have known Cy for years and really like him. Wednesday they flew to Vegas to celebrate her father's birthday and they all had a great night together."

During a recent commercial shoot for Devassa Beer in Long Beach, California, and one onlooker noted: "They are clearly enjoying every minute of their new relationship and aren't afraid to show their feelings and affection for one another."

He's hot, he's successful and he's smart. Sounds like Paris finally got herself a winner. He's almost too good for her!