Paris Hilton's Life Is Amazing

May 23, 2008 By:
Paris Hilton's Life Is Amazing

Paris Hilton
has written yet another blog talking about her new show and how amazing her life is. Be jealous! In her new blog she talks about her boyfriend Benji Madden being a very supportive boyfriend. She says that she loves the fact that he's always there for her. Cute.

You can read the blog about her show
here and the part about Benji below:

“Also go check out my boyfriend’s blog at, he posted some cool pics of the first two days of shooting, and him and his friends came out to support me. I love how he’s always there for me, he always knows how to make me smile. Life is amazing, couldn’t be happier, excited for what the future holds. Again, thank you all for all your love and support. I’ll write soon xoxo Paris”

So are you guys convinced that they are really together? We're definitely convinced!