Paris Hilton's Ex Dating a Pole Dancer

May 20, 2010 By:
Paris Hilton's Ex Dating a Pole Dancer

Looks like Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend has moved on quickly! Not only was he sucking face at Coachella right after they broke up, but now Doug Reinhardt is dating a pretty public figure!

According to, Reinhardt is now dating Miss USA Rima Fakih, who was just crowned this week. Following her win came a little scandal as pics from her past were dug up featuring her doing a little pole dancing.

See Photos of Doug's New Girl!

"They met through friends and have been talking and seeing each other," the source says. "He flew to NYC to do press but knew she would be here and they would get together."

Side note: Doug’s “new show” is called The Reinhardts: Family Comes First. Ugh! Spare us!

"She's flying to L.A. to see him next week," adds the insider. "It's very new, but they're having a good time. She made him watch the Miss USA pageant."

Bet she really had to twist his arm. But the friend insists Doug is taking this new relationship slow. "He isn't jumping into anything. He's enjoying everything he's got going on right now," adds the source.

A source close to Fakih says, "She's crushing on Doug, but she recently broke up with her on and off again beau."

Doug hasn’t commented on the status of his relationship. That's probably due in part to him being out with a different chick almost every night. Bet Paris is OVER IT!!