Paris Hilton's Arraignment Set, Plea Deal Unlikely

August 30, 2010 By:
Paris Hilton's Arraignment Set, Plea Deal Unlikely

Paris Hilton’s arraignment date has been set. According to Clark County District Court spokeswoman Jillian Prieto, the heiress will be arraigned on drug felony charges October 27.

As for what will happen to Paris, that’s up in the air. A legal expert tells the Los Angeles Times it might be tough to prove the case. And Hilton's lawyer issued a statement today saying we shouldn't "rush to judgment."

However, sources tell that a plea deal isn’t likely for her. A source close to the case says the Las Vegas justice system can be a lot more strict than Los Angeles, and that District Attorney David Roger is highly unlikely to offer Paris a plea bargain deal on her cocaine possession charge.

“Roger won't tolerate celebrities coming to Las Vegas and thinking they can get away with illegal behavior,” the source explained. “It's going to be extremely difficult for Paris to get out of these charges, even with the brilliant legal skills of her lawyer, David Chesnoff.”

“This is a high profile case, right before a very important election, and it's very likely that there will be no plea bargaining down of these charges," said the source.

As for Paris, a friend says she is trying to stay as low-profile as possible. “Paris has been advised to lay low,” said the friend.

This will be a true test for Paris….staying out of the public eye until late October may be close to impossible! Maybe she can ring Lindsay Lohan for some pointers!