Paris Hilton Retires From Partying in LA

October 7, 2009 By:
Paris Hilton Retires From Partying in LA

You know the club scene is getting old when Paris Hilton is sick of it. Paris who has been traveling a lot had recently tweeted how much the nightlife in LA has changed and how lame it has become.

Paris says: “I work so much I have to get up at 6 a.m. every day so I don’t really have time to be going to clubs like I used to, I went out the other night and it was brutal. Just cheesy people and annoying and I didn’t have fun. But Vegas is fun, we always have fun in Vegas.”

Houston we have a problem! Is Paris Hilton finally growing up? It appears so! Now if only the rest of cheesy people in Los Angeles can grow up!

When asked about settling down and marrying Doug Reinhardt she says, “One day, everyone’s goal is to one day to do that.”

People need to stop asking the females in the relationship if they wanna get hitched. Obviously they wanna get hitched! They need to start asking the person they are dating if they want an actual answer.