Paris Hilton Remains Vague Over Doug Split

April 13, 2010 By:
Paris Hilton Remains Vague Over Doug Split

We keep hearing rumors that Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt have broken up.

The buzz began after Paris was spotted in Las Vegas--minus Doug, and plus Reggie Bush. The two partied hard at Tao nightclub. But we highly doubt any hanky panky was going down since Paris' parents and sister Nicky Hilton were there with her.

Report: Paris Hilton Splits From Doug Reindhardt

But still! Paris and Doug are usually joined at the hip, so why wasn't he a part of the family weekend? While most sites are claiming the split rumor is false after reading Paris' tweet yesterday, we think otherwise.

Here's what Paris wrote: "Can't a girl have a night out in Las Vegas with her sister, without fake stories being posted. That story is a ridiculous lie. 100% FALSE."

So which "story" is Paris Hilton actually talking about? Dozens of stories are posted about the heiress daily, so she may easily have been addressing the Reggie Bush rumor, not the split.

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Until we hear it from the horse's mouth that they're actually still together, we're just going to have to assume they've split up!