Paris Hilton on Troubled Stars: Don't Take Things for Granted

April 16, 2011 By:
Paris Hilton on Troubled Stars: Don't Take Things for Granted

What does the world look like according to Paris Hilton? Pretty sweet actually!

Paris has been busy shooting her new Oxygen reality show, The World According to Paris, managing her multi-million dollar brand, spending quality time with beau, Cy Waits—and now has to manage all the media attention surrounding her pal Brooke Mueller.

In regards to how Paris and her mother Kathy are dealing with the recent news of Brooke falling off the wagon, Paris told Hollyscoop, “Everything. My mom and her are very close and she’s one of my good friend’s as well,” adding that they were neighbors at one point.

But Paris had some good advice for anyone in Brooke’s situation. She told Hollyscoop at the NBC press day conference, “I think the most important thing is to really have someone…I’m so lucky that I have such an incredible family and that my mom and dad have always been there for me.”

“I think that all these other girls don’t have another family like that, so I would say to go to their family, but I’m not sure with some people. I think it’s all about really appreciating everything that comes your way and not taking it for granted, and thinking about what you do.”

When you’re in the spotlight it’s easy to become selfish and self involved—something Paris warns against. “[Your decisions] affect others, it’s going to be everywhere in the media, it’s hard because with the media they spin it around and make it more than it is.”

So how will this reality show be different than her first hit, The Simple Life?

Paris explained to Hollyscoop, “This show is different from the other shows I’ve done. On ‘The Simple Life’ I play a character, and I was a fish out of water, living in places that weren’t my world, now people will get to see my real world and my relationships.”

Although her mother Kathy Hilton is on the reality show, don’t expect it to be anything like Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In regards to the comparisons, Paris told Hollyscoop, “I wish them the best. I think that they have a great show and everyone is a success. We’ve been family friends since we were little girls and I love them and wish them the best.”

Sounds like Paris has really come a long way in the last year. Next milestone? Hopefully a grand wedding to boyfriend Cy Waits.