Paris Hilton on Her BFF Show: Contestants Are Out of Control

May 19, 2009 By:
Paris Hilton on Her BFF Show: Contestants Are Out of Control

Paris Hilton is a hot commodity these days. Being photographed with her basically puts you on the map, so it's no wonder girls and guys from around the world compete to become her new BFF.

Paris spoke to Hollyscoop exclusively at the launch for the new season of her hit show, Paris Hilton's My New BFF, what we can expect, and why her new beau Doug was on set every day. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Hollyscoop: So what can we expect from season two?
Paris Hilton: "The contestants are out of control, there's so much drama, and the
person who won this time is actually real and is in it for the right reason. They are my BFF for the right reasons. It was fun because it was like a sorority, so there was a lot of hazing, and a lot of crazy challenges. I was very strict this season around because I didn't want to be tricked again."

HS: Did you find that having that sorority atmosphere helped you build that sisterhood friendship that you find in a BFF?:
Paris: "Yeah definitely! I think a BFF should be like a sister, someone that you trust, someone who is there for you, someone who is your friend for the right reasons and not just out for themselves, or just because they want to be on TV. It was so much fun and I'm just watching the first couple of episodes right now and it's hysterical and I love it!"

HS: How do you decide who's right for you then?
Paris: "I do a lot of challenges that tested them to see how they react in certain situations. I think you can really tell how a person is on a red carpet just by the way they react, unless their acting like a hungry tiger and desperate, then you can tell that there only there to become famous and that's not what friendships about. It's about being like a sister, if you can stay at home and watch a movie. It's not all about going out and having fun, it's about being there for someone."

Did your boyfriend have any impact on who you decided on?
Paris: "Yeah, Doug was on set basically every single day. He came up with a lot of challenges, and also I would think a certain girl was really sweet and he'd be like "No she's fake I can totally tell." He's a very good judge of character so I trusted his opinion because he was always right about each person, and even in real life when we're around real people he always knows whose bad and whose good. I totally trust his opinion. My mom and dad came on the show too and they met everyone. My mom is the same way. She's always right about everyone, every one of my friends."

HS: Do you think having a variety of people from all over the world helped you find the right one?:
Paris: "Yeah I think it's cool to get people who are not from LA because there not really in the industry, they don't really know about Hollywood. They're kind of like fish out of water. There are people from all over and it's just funny to hear their accents and the way they are. It was cool because some people had never even been to Vegas or LA, so it's also fun to show them places they've never been or things they would never get to do in their life. I like having a variety of people. It's not just going to be the 'oh the blonde one,' you know, could be anyone...and that's fun for me....just to see how people are. I learned a lot about friendship and people and the way to behave. Its interesting studying people."

Will you be at the MTV Movie Awards promoting your show?:
Paris: "I think so. I'm suppose to go. I'm going to Cannes, Turkey, London, and then New York. If I can get back in time I definitely will be there!"