Paris Hilton Gives $5,000 To Broke Man Living With MD

July 31, 2012 By:
Paris Hilton Gives $5,000 To Broke Man Living With MD

Say what you want about Paris Hilton, but the hotel heiress has nearly saved a man’s life.

Paris Hilton newest fan, Mike Oliveri, is 6' 1" and weighs 90lbs, he has muscular dystrophy, is wheelchair bound, and says he only receives $484 a month in Social Security checks, barely enough cash to survive.

In an exclusive interview with Hollyscoop, Mike says that he met Paris Hilton at AV nightclub in Hollywood where he told her his story, she checked out his website and the two struck up a friendship.

Barely a week later, he was pleasantly surprised to find out that his new pal Paris had just cut him a check for $5,000!

“One night a couple of weeks ago I was at Club AV and next thing I know there was Paris - right next to me,” Mike tells Hollyscoop, “She started talking to me and we exchanged numbers and then she went on to my website and tweeted me out. She gave me the $5000 donation, she did it in such a nonchalant way. She transferred it to me on Paypal and when I asked her if it was her that did it, she simply said, ‘yeah.’”

He also told us how he and Paris have made plans to go out to dinner, or as Paris said, “fatten me up.”

“This was not a publicity stunt,” says Mike, “She is such a kindhearted person and so very genuine…I have so much respect for her.”

Mike posted a video on his site, gushing over Paris and her generous gift.

Mike emphasizes in the video, how much he respects Paris, saying, “Everybody, think twice about what you see on TV and see in the tabloids, it’s mostly not true and based on fiction.”