Paris Hilton Debuts New Rap Song With Lil Wayne

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Paris Hilton Debuts New Rap Song With Lil Wayne
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So remember Paris Hilton’s short-lived “singing career” (“The Stars Are Blind” anyone?), well she’s given it another shot and this time she’s laying down some serious beats with none other than Lil Wayne.

I know, Paris Hilton. Lil Wayne. Rap music. It’s all sorts of confusing and the song is all kinds of awesome.

On the new song “Last Night (I Wanna Bang You),” yes, that’s the actual name of the song, Paris sings, well, she talks and then auto-tune takes over and then the beat turns into that song that you’ve heard every single time you went to that club in Hollywood and then Lil Wayne drops a couple verses.

Lil Wayne’s verse makes a couple of mentions to Paris’ raunchy sex-tape past, saying, “Last night I had fun with her/I got 99 problems, but not one with her/And excuse my French, but f*ck the cameras/I wanna spend a night in Paris.”

On that last line, we don’t think he’s talking about the capital of France. Wink Wink nudge nudge.

We knew Paris was coming out with a house music album, but it’s been so long in the making that house is out and dubstep is in. Also, I didn’t know SHE would be singing the chorus.

The song is produced by DJ Afrojack, aka that guy that Paris dated for as long as it took to make her album. You know, before she started dating that attractive model child.

Listen to the song here: