Paris Hilton Back-Pedals On Anti-Gay Comments

September 21, 2012 By:
Paris Hilton Back-Pedals On Anti-Gay Comments

After seeming to disappear for months from the public sphere, Paris Hilton has been busy lately trying to pull her foot out of her mouth…

A day after audio recordings were leaked, capturing the reality starlet calling gays “disgusting” and saying that they “probably have AIDS,” Paris is speaking out again to prove that she is not homophobic. 

According to new reports, Paris is a huge lover of the man-on-man spectrum…

In a public apology, she tells gay rights activist group GLAAD that she “always will be a huge supporter of the gay community.”

“I am so sorry and so upset that I caused pain to my gay friends, fans and their families with the comments heard this morning,” she writes. “I was having this private conversation with a friend of mine who is gay and our conversation was in no way towards the entire gay community.”

Along with the statement was Paris’s previous posed photo for the “NOH8” campaign, a movement designed to abolish the Proposition 8 initiative. 

Her statement continued, addressing readers that HIV and AIDS can affect people of any sexual orientation, a fact that she says she takes very seriously. 

She adds, “Gay people are the strongest and most inspiring people I know. It is so wrong when people bully or put down others for being gay.”

She relayed a similar message on Twitter, apologizing again and linking to the full GLAAD response.

As Hollyscoop previously reported, Paris was recorded speaking to a friend during a NYC cab ride, saying, “Eww, gay guys are the horniest people in the world. They’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS.”

Her rep has since told Hollyscoop that she “would never purposefully make any negative statements about anyone’s sexual orientation.”