Paris Hilton and Her Boyfriend Are Actually Really Cute

February 5, 2014 By:
Paris Hilton and Her Boyfriend Are Actually Really Cute
Image By: Instagram

We totally forgot that Paris Hilton was still dating that 22-year-old model-kid, River Viiperi.

But then they went shopping together in NY yesterday and we were like, “Oh they still exist.”

But then we were like, “Hey, even though she’s an entire decade older than him and statistically they probably won’t work out, they are actually really cute together.”

Let’s look at some of the cute facts.


They’ve been dating for over a year.


He’s part-boyfriend part-bodyguard.


He’s tall, she’s tall…we love it when tall people date each other.


They go on really freaking cute bike trips.


They always look like they’re going to prom.

That could have something to do with him being a CHILD, but whatever.


A 22-year-old might be the only guy that wants to party as much as Paris does.


They looked kind of ridiculous at Coachella, but they looked ridiculous together.


River is OBSESSED with Paris.


He calls her his “Blondie.” That’s cute.


But mostly they are very much in love and THAT’S the cutest thing of all.