Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Split

June 10, 2009 By:
Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Split

Surprise surprise, Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt have called it quits.

The couple, who just celebrated their six-month anniversary in Chicago, decided that "forever" was just too long and they'd rather go their separate ways.

"In response to the inquiry on whether Paris Hilton has split up with Doug Reinhardt, yes, this is true they are no longer together. They remain friends and ask that you please respect their privacy," a rep for Hilton told People magazine.

Sounds like something drastic happened between the couple. Just a few weeks ago Paris was gushing about Doug to Hollyscoop telling us how happy she was to be with him.

When it comes to her boyfriends, Paris is starting to sound like a broken record. Let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the quotes Paris has said about them:

Paris Hilton on Doug Reinhardt:
"He's going to be my husband," she told E!. "We're best friends. It's not like we just met. We've known each other over the past year. I was in a relationship before and we reconnected. I'm really in love and really happy."

Paris Hilton on Benji Madden:
“I’ve never felt so happy and in love, he’s such an amazing guy and life has never been better.”

Paris Hilton on Stavros Niarchos:
"We're together now here. We love each other," Hilton said of Niarchos in Saint-Tropez.

Paris Hilton on Paris Latsis:
"He writes me love letters and gets me roses every day," says Hilton. "He has all my pictures of all my billboards everywhere. I love it."

Paris Hilton on Jason Shaw:
"He's amazing. We are very close and he lives next to me. We were very young when we were engaged. But maybe we'll see what happens. I don't know (if we'll get back together), maybe. I don't know yet. I love him. I could see myself being with someone like Jason forever. He doesn't care about money. He loved me. Who knows what'll happen."

What could have happened in the past few days that would result in a public breakup? You tell us your theories!