Paris Gets Rejected By Royalty

October 17, 2008 By:
Paris Gets Rejected By Royalty

Paris Hilton's ego took a hit last night when she was rejected by both Prince Harry and Prince William.

The UK Daily Mail is reporting that Paris made many attempts to catch the fancy of the royal brothers, but her advances were ignored. She apparently spotted them at a club in London and decided to pounce.

"Harry was sitting with two male friends at a table, and Paris headed over in a bid to get his attention. But Harry was having none of it. It was quite funny to watch. Harry clearly didn't want to speak to her but she did a sexy dance in front of him and he finally stood up to shake her hand. He then just wandered off, and Paris looked a bit annoyed."

They go on to claim that when she repeated the same tactic with William, she was shot down again. We were left wondering - where was Benji Madden while this was all going down?