Paris Considered for Tinkerbell in Peter Pan

December 4, 2008 By:
Paris Considered for Tinkerbell in Peter Pan

Since she often appears to be out of this one, Paris Hilton must really have a thing for the magical world.

Not only did she name one of her many puppies Tinkerbell, but she also recently released a perfume called Fairy Dust.

Now, rumor has it that Paris is interested in playing the role of Tinkerbell from the fairy tale "Peter Pan. Disney is working on creating an updated version where the pixie comes to life and she might be up for the role.

A source told Page Six: "Paris has worked on her acting chops lately and showed some comedy prowess in her YouTube spoof of running for president. Disney suits saw it and think she may be developing some comedic-actress potential."

If that's true, she still has a lot more 'developing' to do.