Paris Comments On Brother's DUI

February 12, 2008 By:
Paris Comments On Brother's DUI

I'm assuming Barron Hilton hasn't used his one phone call yet because his entire family found out about his DUI through the press.

Paris was on her way to Vegas when she found out about her little bro's run in with the law. She said, "I am sad for my little brother. I hear he is doing OK. I am there for him and will be speaking to him in an hour or so, hopefully, to lend my support."

When she said "I am here for him" she actually meant 'He can leave me a voicemail while I party in Vegas.' Also, why is she acting like he's the victim? He was driving drunk! He could have hurt someone, you should beat his ass, not lend your support.

UPDATE:The Hilton family wanted to show some tough love so they refused to cough up the 20k to bail their son out of jail. His friends went to jail with only 2k expecting to get him out of the joint. When that didn't work, they found a bail bondsman to help them out with the rest of the money. He has since been released from jail.