Paris Busted With Pot Again

July 17, 2010 By:
Paris Busted With Pot Again

On this edition of High Times With Paris Hilton, she was reportedly held by police on the French island of Corsica and caught with less than a gram of marijuana in her purse. Oh Paris, will you ever learn?

She stopped at the airport in Figari after arriving on a private jet from Paris on Friday. But being a celebrity helped because police soon released her without charging her, reports People magazine.

This is the second time this month Paris and her weed have made headlines. Earlier this month she was questioned by South African police after she was reportedly caught "red handed" smoking a joint. But again, she was released without getting charged.

Her rep says she was cleared of any wrongdoing – that "the incident was a complete misunderstanding" and that "the case [had] been dropped against Paris."

But a little police questioning isn't going to get our heiress down. Earlier today she tweeted photos of herself on a wave runner and wrote "Just got back from riding the wave runners, so much fun! The water is so warm and clear. Laying out on the yacht with my girls getting tan."

Must be nice to be a Hilton!