Paris: Benji Helped Me Grow Up

January 10, 2009 By:
Paris: Benji Helped Me Grow Up

Paris Hilton is still in love with Benji Madden which only means he broke up with her.

In a new interview, Paris only has the kindest words for her ex praising him to the max.

She says, "My relationship made me take a good look at myself. I have never been treated so well in my life or trusted anyone like this. Benji's a very special person.

"There is no one like him. I love him. He just really made me grow up and look at things more maturely during the time we were together."

Everything was peachy between Paris and Benji, but they suddenly split in November after Paris returned home after a trip to Miami. Many blamed the split on Paris' "run-in" with her ex Stavros Niarchos.

It seems like Paris really wants Benji back. Do you think these two will get back together?