Paris Begins Outpatient Substance Abuse Program

September 20, 2010 By:
Paris Begins Outpatient Substance Abuse Program

Paris Hilton is back to business as usual. A judge let her off easy today with just one year of probation and 200 hours of community service. And basically right afterwards, Hilton jetted off to Asia, where she’s scheduled to make her first public appearance since the arrest.

According to E!Online, Paris is there to promote her clothing line, and the trip was planned well before she was busted in Vegas with cocaine. "This trip to Asia had been planned months ago before the incident," a source says. "When her court date got moved up, insiders figured she'd cancel but she didn't want to disappoint her fans."

But before boarding the plane, Hilton reportedly got in touch with her doctor, who will be in charge of her outpatient substance abuse program. "She's already been in touch,” the insider says. "She's taking this seriously and she's ready to move forward."

Her publicist will be accompanying on her during her time in Asia. Paris will begin her 200 hours of court-ordered community service when she returns.

We love that it took mere hours for Paris to hop back on a plane and resume her fabulous life as usual. This doctor better keep an eye on her, or it may just be a matter of time til she slips up again.