Paris and Nicky Paid $1 Million to Party, Reality Stars' Party Salaries Revealed

August 9, 2011 By:
Paris and Nicky Paid $1 Million to Party, Reality Stars' Party Salaries Revealed

While most of us get simple Evites to birthdays we really don’t want to attend, reality stars like Paris and Nicky Hilton get paid big bucks to just show up to a party, wave, take a few photos and bounce out.

Paris and Nicky were paid $1 million to attend a Middle Eastern princess’ birthday party.

The sisters are vacationing in the south of France and the 16 year old spoiled brat girl was “ecstatic” to have them attend. Really? Of all people, you paid the Hilton sisters? You could have gotten someone like Lindsay Lohan to attend for $1000 and she would have been an entertaining mess. The Hilton sisters probably just stood around talking about everyone there out of boredom.

An insider told “Paris and Nicky were flown to Cannes for a sweet 16 party for a Middle Eastern princess.

“They were paid a hefty price tag of $1 million to show up for one hour. The teenage birthday girl was ecstatic to have Pairs there.”

Yes, one million dollars for just an hour. That’s more than most of us will make in a lifetime.

And of course the newly single sisters are enjoying their time abroad. They arrived in Ibiza on Sunday where Paris confessed she couldn’t wait to “get the party started”.

She revealed on twitter: “Just landed in Ibiza in NickyHilton! Yes!! Let’s get the party started! Huge!! :D(sic)”

Hours later, she added: “Midnight in Ibiza, just now on our way to dinner. The night has just begun.”

Of course they’re not the first reality stars paid big bucks to attend parties. Kim Kardashian generally demands around $50,000+ to attend parties in Las Vegas. If you want her to fly out of the country, expect to pay big bucks.

Snooki made $17,000 to show up at a millionaire’s off-hours Christmas bash in 2010.

In 2008 when people still cared about The Hills, Spencer Pratt claimed that he and Heidi Montag would get $50,000 each for about two hours of show-up time. And of course they spent every cent of that money overnight.

You can get Lindsay Lohan to show up to a party for as little as $5,000—or the same amount worth of free merchandise.

In 2007 Ashlee Simpson and then husband Pete Wentz got paid $150,000 to host a New Years Eve party at the Shore Club in Miami. Hello, I’d totally do that for free!