Paris and Doug Get Into Another Club Brawl

April 28, 2009 By:
Paris and Doug Get Into Another Club Brawl

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt were involved in another club brawl last night.

At around 1am Tuesday morning, Paris and Doug were dancing at Hollywood hotspot h.wood when they were rudely interrupted.

According to Radar, a man came up to Paris and grabbed her chest, and Doug pushed him away.

That must have angered the guy’s friend, because he threw a beer bottle at Doug’s head! It’s a good thing he missed. But it caught the eye of the club’s promoter, who then put the guy in a headlock.

In the meantime, Paris got pushed to the floor, and got surrounded by people trying to protect her from getting hurt. The guy who started it all by grabbing Paris’ chest joined in and started punching Doug.

Frankie Delgado then jumped into the mix, kicking the chest grabber. And during all of this, Paris' Stars Are Blind was playing from the DJ booth. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it??

Apparently no one was hurt in the brawl. Maybe Paris and Doug should spend a couple of nights in. Just a thought.