Paris and Doug Back On?

June 12, 2009 By:
Paris and Doug Back On?

Paris Hilton may have spent Wednesday night sucking face with Cristiano Ronaldo, but she spent Thursday night kissing up to her ex Doug Reinhardt.

Paris reportedly spent the night texting Doug and finally showed up to his house around 4am and begged to be let in.

"She told him she loved him and made a mistake by breaking up with him," reports TMZ.

Their nasty breakup was the result of Doug innocently chatting up one of Brody Jenner's friends at a bar during a game.

Paris reportedly lost it when she saw him talking to another girl and started throwing ice and fruit at the girl while fighting with Doug. Talk about overreacting!

We wouldn't be surprised if Doug gave Paris another chance, even though her tryst with Cristiano made headlines around the world yesterday.

What else is he going to do with his time? Go back to be a Z-list star no one recognizes? No siree.