New BFF Alert: Paris Hilton and Brooke Mueller

December 1, 2010 By:
New BFF Alert: Paris Hilton and Brooke Mueller

IDK what these two could possibly have in common, aside from the fact that they’re both...well I don't know!

Paris Hilton and Brooke Mueller are now paling around town like they’re BFFs, and of course it’s all for the reality show they’re filming for Oxygen.

I know what you’re thinking—don’t we already know everything there is to know about Paris Hilton?? Apparently not, because here’s the statement from the network.

“Paris has led a very public, jet-setting life. As she enters the next stage of her life, the provocative heiress and her life beyond what's seen in the tabloids will become the focus.”

Riveting stuff. Paris and Brooke were spotted shopping in Beverly Hills the other day, and then for another scene Paris ran out of gas in her hybrid car and had to call Brooke to help her out.

She tweeted yesterday, "So brutal my car ran out of gas. Waiting for my girls to come rescue me."

Another statement from Oxygen reads: “With Hollywood on one side and real life on the other, this series follows Paris and three important women in her life, through all of their ups and downs, loves gained and lost, marriages, kids, divorce and more, revealing this lively group of dynamic individuals.”

So convenient that Brooke Mueller has suddenly become an “important person” in Paris’ life. I’m surprised Heidi Montag didn’t land a role on the show just for being unemployed at the moment.