MTV to Air Paris Hilton Documentary Tonight

July 28, 2009 By:
MTV to Air Paris Hilton Documentary Tonight

MTV will be airing a documentary tonight that’s all about America’s favorite heiress Paris Hilton.

The doc, entitled Paris, Not France, will highlight her rise to fame. It will touch not only on her high points in life, but the lowlights as well, such as her prison stint in 2007.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Paris says, “I think there are a lot of people that have misconceptions about me. They assume I’m just a party girl and they don’t realize there’s a business behind it. I’ve created this over the past 10 years.”

Paris says it was important for her to balance out the documentary with both the positive and negative. One of those negatives is definitely her sex tape scandal with Rick Salomon.

Paris tells Access, “By putting it in the film, it was really hard for me to have it in there, because it’s something I never discussed. But I also think it’s a big learning lesson, because I think a lot of girls, when they’re in a relationship, they will love someone and trust them and maybe let them do that. I know that’s happened to a lot of people… And you never know what they could do with it.”

But overall, the one thing Paris hopes to accomplish through the film is for people to see a side of her they didn’t know existed. She says, “Well, I think when people haven’t met me and they just read certain things that aren’t untrue, they might think that I’m spoiled, that I’m a brat, that I haven’t worked for what I have when really it’s the complete opposite. I’ve worked very hard for what I’ve achieved. None of this was given to me. I’ve done it all by myself.”

You can be the judge by tuning in tonight at 8:30PM on MTV.