Meet Paris Hilton's 21-Year-Old Boyfriend River Viiperi

September 24, 2012 By:
Meet Paris Hilton's 21-Year-Old Boyfriend River Viiperi

Hot off Paris Hilton’s GLAAD offensive snafu, she’s snagged herself a frat boy to date, because maybe her new child lover will distract us from when she called gay guys "disgusting."

Anyways, Paris has been tweeting up a storm with some unknown guy named River Viiperi. After a quick twitter stalk, this River guy is a 21-year-old male model who apparently is 31-year-old Paris’ new boyfriend.

Gah, is super young men in style or something? Because Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, and Paris Hilton all think so.

Paris and River just went on a vacation to Hawaii together and make zero effort to hide their romance from Twitter.


They’ve been tweeting up a storm and constantly tweeting photos of each other acting all loved up despite the fact that they look like brother and sister.

The couple debuted their new love very recently. There is literally zero twitter evidence that the two know each other prior to September 5. It seems like they met at NY Fashion Week?

The couple touched down in Maui on Thursday September 20, 2012. How do I know this? Their twitter feed which mainly consists of bikini photos on the beach.