Joy Pisses Off Paris On The View

September 25, 2008 By:
Joy Pisses Off Paris On The View

Joy Behar definitely has a big mouth, and doesn't filter much during the Hot Topics segment of The View. Today Paris Hilton stopped by to promote her new reality show to find her new BFF, and Joy said some things that didn't sit well with Paris.

Things started off by the ladies showing the Funny Or Die spoof Paris did spoofing the McCain campaign. Joy commented, saying, "Too bad you can't vote ... because you were in the slammer. My friend was in the slammer and couldn't vote."

Looking shocked, Hilton shot back, "I can vote."

"Oh, it was just a misdemeanor?" Behar asked.

"Yes, I drove with a suspended license," said Hilton.

It seems strange Joy would still think to bring that up, since it's been soooo long. It would have been way easier to poke fun about the new show. But good for Paris for thinking on her feet, and giving it right back to her! Because Joy can be pretty intimidating!