Is Paris Hilton Secretly Engaged?

February 10, 2010 By:
Is Paris Hilton Secretly Engaged?

Is Paris Hilton officially off the market? Rumor has it that her and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt are secretly engaged and are planning on making an announcement soon.

Paris sparked rumors that she's gotten engaged when she accepted an award for her charity work over the weekend and thanked her "future sister in law" in her speech.

During her speech at the Hearts for Hope benefit in Los Angeles, she said: “I'd like to thank my future sister-in-law Casey Reinhardt."

And apparently he got help from Paris' Mom Kathy with the ring! A source told E! Online: “At one point, Paris reached for Doug's mom's huge wedding ring. She looked like she was in awe."

Paris has been hinting at a possible wedding for months. Just last month she said, “I wouldn't rule out a wedding in 2010. With how amazing everything is going between us, I see a very bright and happy future.

"He's taught me how real love can feel. Doug's taught me how to grow up and become more domestic, as in not going out as much as I used to."

Something tells us if she was engaged she would be shouting it from the rooftops, no? What do you guys think?