Holly Montag: Paris is Jealous of The Hills

May 29, 2009 By:
Holly Montag: Paris is Jealous of The Hills

It’s the war of words between MTV’s reality show stars. Yesterday, Paris Hilton slammed The Hills for being "so lame and fake," and said her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, who got his start from the hit show, also thinks the show is "cheesy."

While Paris' comments angered a lot of Hills fans, it also annoyed some of the cast members from The Hills, especially Holly Montag.

Montag spoke to Hollyscoop exclusively at the Oakley Intro to Summer Event at Skybar at the Mondrian in West Hollywood on Thursday and gave us her thoughts on "fake" Paris and gave her a warning.

"She has her opinion, and she's just being protective [of Doug] because no one wanted to see Doug on it, right? Because he only lasted what? 3 episodes? You I don’t know if it’s because of the reality [part of the show] that she’s talking about, but I think she’s done reality too," Holly told Hollyscoop.

She added, "I think if we’re gonna compare shows, let’s take a look at [Paris' show] Best Friend or whatever its called and let’s just check out the ratings and we’ll see. If she calls us out, we call her out right back!"

When asked why Paris would make such public statements about a reality show being fake, when she herself has a similar show, Holly said, "We love Paris, she’s so nice, but she’s just jealous."

Holly added that she loves Doug because "he’s such a sweet guy. He’s the nicest guy ever," but warned his girlfriend Paris to "quit dissing our show," and added, that she really hopes Paris "hears that" warning.

For someone who has a reality show based on finding a new best friend every season, Paris really shouldn't be making public statement slamming other "fake" reality shows. We have a feeling this war has just begun! Whose side are you on? Team Paris or Team Hills?