Hilton Family Slams Doug Reinhardt

June 20, 2009 By:
Hilton Family Slams Doug Reinhardt

Paris Hilton has already moved on from Doug Reinhardt, but her family is still bitter about the breakup.

Apparently Paris' mother Kathy and her aunt Kyle never liked Doug, nor did they approve of the relationship.

Her aunt, Kyle Richards, tells E! Online, "The stories out there about our family not approving of their relationship are completely true. Doug was riding Paris' coat tails. The break-up affected me in a good way. It's definitely time for Paris to move on."

And Paris' aunt isn't the only one who's happy about the split. Her mother Kathy wholeheartedly supported the breakup as well.

She said, "I think Paris needs to be with someone who is a bit more mature, older and has their own thing."

Doug did seem like a star hungry leach riding on Paris' coat tails. She needs to be with someone more in her league, not a reality show reject. Who do you think Paris would make a great couple with?