Dr. Drew Vs. Paris: She's as Bad as Lindsay

September 10, 2010 By:
Dr. Drew Vs. Paris: She's as Bad as Lindsay

Dr. Drew is never one to keep his mouth shut when discussing Hollywood starlets who get into trouble. He was very vocal about Lindsay Lohan’s demise, even offering her a spot on his show Celebrity Rehab.

Now Dr. Drew is commenting on Paris Hilton’s downward spiral, saying she’s no better than Lohan. "Paris Hilton's current problems related to her drug arrest and subsequent criminal charges are very much similar to the Lindsay Lohan story,” Pinsky told RadarOnline.com . “It's truly Lindsay Lohan's story in slow motion.”

Paris has had quite the eventful summer: first she was detained and released after being caught in possession of pot at Figari airport in Corsica, then she was caught with pot at the World Cup in South Africa, and then caught with cocaine while in Vegas.

"There is no doubt in my mind that Paris needs to seek treatment, sooner rather than later. Whether it be in-patient treatment at a rehab facility, or out-patient, Paris needs help," Pinsky added.

Dr. Drew thinks Paris’ pot “addiction” is just as bad as the harder stuff. "People don't believe that someone can be addicted to pot, I'm here to tell you they are dead wrong. I deal with it everyday. The fact that she had several run-ins over the summer, and then was arrested in Las Vegas for possession of cocaine gives me cause to worry.”

He also said “addiction is a progressive disease. It’s progression in the face of of consequences and denial that are defining features of the disease. Paris meets that criteria."

He also stressed that Paris is definitely addicted and not just a recreational drug user. “Recreational drug users don't have the issues that arise that she is currently dealing with. Paris could be using the cocaine because it might have more of a euphoric effect on her,” he said.

Dr. Drew added that he isn’t saying this to put her down, rather to help her. "I wish her only the best. I truly hope she gets the help she needs. She is facing a very serious drug charge and if this forces her to get help that she otherwise might not have, then that is a very good thing for her."

Not like any of this will help. All Paris will do is deny, deny, deny. But when you’re caught three times in one summer with drugs, the whole “I never done that” story starts to lose its credibility.