Doug Reinhardt Sucks Face Near Paris

April 19, 2010 By:
Doug Reinhardt Sucks Face Near Paris

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt both partied at Coachella over the weekend, but they weren’t hanging together! The heiress seems to be totally over her ex-boyfriend, and partied it up with her sister Nicky Hilton and friends the whole time.

She tweeted about how much fun with was having as a single girl, saying, "So much fun tonite! Rocked it out to Tomm Yorke and the Gorillaz! So sick!! Loves it! :) The Armani Party was so much fun! It was a Carnival Themed Party. Went on all the rides, Bumper Cars, the Gravitron ride, Carousel + Slides.”

Paris Kicks Doug to the Curb

She later added, "Raged on the stage at MGMT then David Guetta and now am rocking to Muse. Best spot in the house! Huge! Coachella Rocks... Jay Z was amazing! So much fun with my sis and all my girls! :)”

Meanwhile, Doug was having fun of his own. According to TMZ, he had a little too much fun with a mystery lady at the All Points Oasis party sponsored by Night Vision at the Merv Griffin estate near the Coachella Music Festival on Saturday night. The Cameras spotted Reinhardt sucking face with the girl.

Hollyscoop spies also tell us EXCLUSIVELY that Doug was was at the same party the night before with another girl who looked like a blonde Paris look-alike. He was holding her hand and partying with her the night before. He was definitely not upset over his break up.

Hey, at least both parties have moved on! So much for Doug wanting Paris back!