Doug Reinhardt is No One Without Paris

May 25, 2010 By:
Doug Reinhardt is No One Without Paris

Now that Paris Hilton is back on the market, on the scene and making headlines, her ex Doug Reinhardt is desperate to stay in the press.

He's attending any red carpet that will have him and talking up a storm about new girls he's dating. Unfortunately, no one cares about his dating life unless reconciling with Paris is on the agenda.

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"I’m dating right now, you know dating and having fun. There is someone special that I’m kind of seeing," Doug told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY at the E! 20th Anniversary party sponsored by Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka in Hollywood.

When asked if he and Paris are still in touch, he told Hollyscoop, "You know I have not talked to Paris, but Paris and I remain friends and I wish her nothing but the best."

Sounds like these two kids had a bad breakup, but that isn't stopping Doug from ruling out a reunion in the future. "You never know. You can never say never."

When asked if he's hoping for reconciliation he simply said, "I’m happy right now, I'm seeing a great girl."

Doug should thank his lucky stars that he ever met Paris. People could care less about him and his "great girl." His 15 minutes are almost up so he better find another celebrity to date or beg Paris to take him back.