David Letterman Apologizes to Paris

February 3, 2008 By:
David Letterman Apologizes to Paris

Last year David Letterman invited Paris Hilton on his show and basically grilled her about her jail stint, Paris kept trying to change the subject but David refused. To make a long story short Paris cried after the interview and vowed never to return to his show again.

Letterman said he felt terrible for humiliating the heiress and he sent her a letter of apology and flowers to make nice. Paris accepted his apology and agreed to make another cameo on his show to promote her new flick "The Hottie and the Nottie."

Before introducing Hilton, Letterman said, "I made a fool of myself and I hurt the woman's feelings. I went too far. I said... let me apologize to you in person."

"In 26 years of being on the air, I have offended thousands of people... but Paris, God bless her, has the backbone to come and be on the show."

Letterman stayed true to his word and was on his best behavior during the show. Hilton said, "You're being really well behaved so far. You're not being naughty." He talked to her about her new flick, her new shoe line, sparking wine, cellphone videogame, jewelry, watch, scent, and clothing line. Love her or hate her, this girl has her game in tact and is on her way to becoming a super mogul.