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NAME:Paris Hilton BIRTH DATE:February 17, 1981 (Age: 33) PLACE OF BIRTH:New York, NY

Paris Whitney Hilton was born on February 17, 1981, in New York and is the eldest child of Kathy and real estate tycoon Richard Hilton.

Born into a family of riches, Paris grew up attending fashion shows, the most sought after parties, society affairs and charitable events alongside her sister Nicky. Once her presence became a necessity on the red carpet, Paris was reborn as a socialite.

Paris went on to join Donald Trump's modeling agency T Management in 2000, and immediately began landing campaign ads for some of the world's most recognized fashion designers, including Tommy Hilfiger and Christian Dior.

The heiress' rise to fame came in 2003, when her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon released a four-minute sex video on the Internet, later dubbed One Night in Paris. As her night-vision face circulated around the web, Salomon was ranking in millions of dollars while Paris responded with a lawsuit. Reportedly, the case was settled out of court and she received over $400,000.

Realizing how much publicity the video was creating for her, Paris used the controversy behind the segment as a launching pad for her debut reality show The Simple Life. The show featured Paris and her friend Nicole Richie performing odd jobs across the country and was a huge hit. The second, third and fourth seasons premiered to similar ratings.

Moving away from reality TV and in the direction of story telling, Paris made appearances in the feature films Raising Helen (2004), The Hillz (2004), and House of Wax (2005). She also founded Heiress Records (2004) and authored her debut book Your Heiress Diary: Confess It All To Me (2005) as well as Confessions of An Heiress: A Tongue-in-Cheek Peek Behind the Pose (2006).

Paris then ventured into music and debuted her self-titled album in 2006. She then returned to reality TV in the fourth season of The Simple Life.

Aside from her infamous sex tape, Paris gained a lot of publicity when she was arrested for driving under the influence in September 2006, and immediately put on probation. A couple of months later, Paris was arrested for violating her probation when she was caught driving on a suspended license, which turned into a 45 days jail sentence in May 2007. After making an appearance at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards on June 3rd, Paris reported to Lynwood's Century Regional Detention Facility and was welcomed by a crowd of paparazzi and supportive fans. She was released four days later due to unspecified health issues, but following a public outcry on her receiving celebrity treatment, she returned to serve her remaining sentence. After serving 22 days, Paris was officially released.

Following the series finale of The Simple Life in 2007, Paris migrated back to the big-screen in Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) and The Hottie & the Nottie (2008). In addition, she debuted her new reality series Paris Hilton's My New Bff (2009) on MTV, which eventually led to its spin-off series Paris Hilton's British Best Friend (2009) and Paris Hilton's My New BFF: Dubai (2009).

Paris was back in the headlines in February 2010, after she was detained and released by local police for reportedly smoking pot during the 2010 FIFA World Cup game between Netherlands and Brazil. She ran into a similar problem two weeks later when she was detained for carrying marijuana at Corsica's Figari airport, but ultimately released.

Paris' most recent projects include, Oxygen's reality series The World According to Paris (2011), the launch of her footwear line in 2011, the documentary Sunset Strip (2012) and the TV series Paradise Hotel (2012 - 2013).

Paris Hilton Boyfriend List & Dating History Timeline

1996 - 1996

According to sources, Paris briefly dated Randy Spelling at the age of 15. And according to Randy, he was the first person she had ever slept with.

1999 - 2000

Actor Edward Furlong and Paris were said to be hooking up in 1999, but it was never confirmed.

2000 - 2000

Paris' most infamous relationship to-date is none other than Rick Salomon, the man behind the X-rated video that made her famous. The "documentary" 1 Night in Paris debuted in 2003 and was an immediate box-office hit.

2001 - 2001

According to actor Tom Sizemore, he had a one-night stand with Paris during a party at his house - a claim Paris later refuted. In 2005, she released a statement, which read, "He is not an acquaintance of mine nor have I ever had intimate relations with him."

2002 - 2003

Paris and Jason Shaw were engaged for a year, but their wedding plans never panned out. Kathy Hilton has admitted on many occasions that he was her favorite out of all Paris' other conquests.

2002 - 2002

In an interview with Howard Stern, Vincent Gallo confessed he had hooked up with Paris and revealed she was very "bright" and "sexual."

2003 - July 2004

Paris dated Backstreet boy Nick Carter for a couple of years, but it wasn't a happy one. With rumors that Nick had cheated on Paris with Ashlee Simpson circulating around the media, the two split up. A year after parting ways, Nick admitted that their relationship "totally was based on distrust."


Paris and Deryck Whibley were first labeled a couple when they were caught kissing in Los Angeles, but the flame quickly went out.

2003 - 2003

Paris and Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis dated for a short while in 2003. Joe later admitted that Paris was "better than anyone" in bed, but she never showed up in any of his videos.

November 2003

Paris was reported to be dating Australian Idol finalist Rob Mills after they were spotted hanging out on her hotel balcony in November 2003.

2004 - 2004

Paris and actor Simon Rex developed an on-and-off relationship in 2004, which included random sightings of the two together throughout the year.

2004 - 2004

After being caught kissing on several occasions, Fred Durst and Paris were labeled a couple. They stayed together for a few months before breaking it off.

2004 - Early 2005

Paris and actor Chad Michael Murray hooked up while shooting House of Wax, despite Murray being married to actress Sophia Bush. It was reportedly the cause of Bush's divorce from Murray.

2005 - May 2006

Paris dated Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos throughout 2005 and 2006. They supposedly called things off because Paris was interested in someone else.

May 2005 - November 2005

Paris was engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis in early 2005, but they never made it to the church. According to sources, Paris called it off at the last second due to her young age and her fear of making the wrong decision.

2006 - 2006

Paris and football star Matt Leinart supposedly dated for a short moment in 2006, but Paris claimed they were just "good friends."

July 2006 - July 2006

Paris and Brandon Davis never had a real relationship, but they were make-out partners throughout 2006.

September 2006 - September

After dropping her first make-out partner, Paris picked up her second helper, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. Though they were spotted kissing at various nightclubs in September 2006, Paris' rep claimed she was single.

October 2006 - October 2006

Paris was rumored to be dating Tennis star Andy Roddick after they were spotted all over each other in Las Vegas.

March 2007 - March 2007

Many believed Paris was dating Desperate Housewives star Josh Henderson in March 2007, but it was never confirmed by Paris nor her rep.

April 2007 - April 2007

In April 2007, Paris and James Blunt were seen making-out in Los Angeles on several occasions, which started the rumor that they were dating. Blunt's rep later responded to the allegations, saying, "This sounds like gossip to me."

July 2007 - July 2007

Paris and clothing entrepreneur Tyler Atkins were linked in 2007, after showing up to many events together throughout the month of July.

August 2007 - August 2007

Rumors that Paris and actor Adrian Grenier were a couple began circulating when they were seen hanging out together at her Malibu house in August 2007. While Adrian claimed he was there to make a documentary, many sources claimed they were all over each other.

September 2007 - September 2007

Paris briefly "dated" Nicole Richie's ex-boyfriend DJ AM in 2007. According to sources, they were seen getting touchy feely at the Toronto International Film Festival before heading to a hotel room together.

September 2007 - December 2007

Unlike her past hook ups, Paris and Swedish model Alex Vaggo went on numerous dates together in 2007. But the relationship ended over rumors that she was cheating on him.

December 2007 - January 2008

Drunk and celebrating New Year's Eve, Paris was mistaken as Brody's girlfriend when they were spotted kissing.

2008 - November 2008

Paris and Benji Madden began dating in 2008, during the same time Nicole Richie was dating Benji's brother Joel. Although Paris revealed she planned on making Benji her husband, the two eventually broke up a few months after meeting.

2008 - 2008

Yet another brief hook-up occurred between Paris and actor Jared Leto, after they were seen kissing at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

February 2009 - April 2010

Following a year of dating Doug Reinhart, Paris was bombarded by engagement speculation. She went on to say "He's gonna be my husband," but later broke up with Reinhart on a hunch that he was only in it for the fame.

June 2009 - June 2009

Although Paris and soccer hunk Cristiano Ronaldo were never confirmed as a couple, the two developed a string of photographic evidence during their time together.

August 2010 - June 2011

Paris and Las Vegas club owner Cy Waits began dating in August 2010, and with the two vacationing alongside Paris' family, seemed to be forming a lasting relationship. But, they eventually split up in June 2011.

July 2011 - July 2011

Soon after ditching Cy Waits, Paris picked up comedy director Todd Phillips. They were spotted on many dates, making out, but never confirmed as a couple.

November 2011 - Present

Paris made her relationship with DJ Afrojack known at a New Year's party in 2011. They broke-up sometime later, which was also made known.

September 2012 - Present

Paris reportedly met Spanish model River Viiperi when DT Model Management owner David Todd invited her to a Marlon Gobel show at the Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week in September 2012. According to sources, they "fell" for each other immediately.

In late September 2012, the two were spotted hand-in-hand strolling down a beach while on a weekend trip in Hawaii.

On October 1, 2012, in Las Vegas, River was arrested for battery after allegedly punching a man in the face whose girlfriend was making out with Paris. He was later cited and released.

Keeping up their image as a happy couple, the two were again caught showing PDA while at a pool in Miami, Florida in early December of that year.

They continue to make multiple appearances together and seem to be building a strong and lasting relationship. But seeing her past "hook-up list," he might be replaced by the time you stop reading this.

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