Another Hilton Busted For DUI

February 12, 2008 By:
Another Hilton Busted For DUI

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Paris' younger brother, Barron Hilton, was busted this morning for DUI. He is 18. He blew a .14 blood alcohol reading, which is twice the legal limit--for someone over 21 years old. Looks like Daddy's money is going to come in handy!

He was driving a black Mercedes on Pacific Coast Highway where he was busted around 8:30 this morning.

He's still in the process of being booked, TMZ reports. Cops say that there were no drugs found in the car.

Something tells me that this kid is gonna end up like the Davis brothers. He better find a career path soon, since grandpa cut them off from the inheritance.

UPDATE: A rep for Rick Hilton just released this statement to TMZ:

"I haven't been contacted yet by either my son or the police. If what I have heard is true, it is very disturbing and I will have a lot to say- but it will be to my son not the media."