Pam's A Stripper Now!

February 15, 2008 By:
Pam's A Stripper Now!

Pamela Anderson was in Paris this week because she got paid a lot of money to be there. She spent her Valentines night performing a strip show at Le Crazy Horse saloon.

Pam did not want any press or cameras in the venue because she was gonna be stripping. Umm, we’ve all sorta seen you naked already!

She went on stage wearing only a black body stocking on a back of a motorcycle in front of 500 guests.

"It's a celebration of women," says Anderson. "It's done very respectfully, very classy, and it's a wonderful show for women as well as for men."

It drives me crazy when women pimp themselves out and say it’s “Classy.” Who are you kidding? It’s not classy! But I guess she’s gotta pay the bills somehow since her movie career is basically non-existent at this point.