Pamela Anderson's Sons Get Teased at School

November 9, 2008 By:
Pamela Anderson's Sons Get Teased at School

Pamela Anderson has admitted that her wild past has come back to haunt her. Her children often have to defend their mom at school because the other kids tease them about their mom's sex tape.

She says, "They're starting to get to that age where they are defending mommy...Brandon was upset yesterday because some kids said some things at school. Kids can be so mean but I knew this would come.

"I just explained that we are good people and we've never done anything to hurt anyone. I just want them to enjoy school and enjoy life.

"They've seen a lot in their little lives but they're great kids."

It's sad that the kids have to suffer for the stupid mistakes that their parents made. A lot of these Young Hollywood starlets don't understand that the things they do(like release their own sex tapes) might hurt their children in the future.