Pamela Anderson Wants to Save the Seals

October 23, 2009 By:
Pamela Anderson Wants to Save the Seals

Right in the middle of possibly going broke, Pamela Anderson has decided to lend her name to PETA again. She just unveiled the organization’s newest campaign called Save The Seals.

The campaign calls attention to the annual massacre of baby seals, the largest mass killing of marine mammals in the world.

Pam says, "I can only hope that by bringing attention to the slaughter, the international outcry will force the Canadian government to end this shameful practice. Canadians aren't cruel and indifferent, but our leaders have been on this issue."

Other celebrities like Jayde Nicole, Kelly Osbourne, and Tricia Helfer are also on board, and ill be shown on billboards and ads wearing the signature t-shirt.

PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews says, "This campaign is designed to put the issue firmly on the radar of the Twitter generation all around the world.

The ads will appear in entertainment magazines and on blogs and will be tweeted in many languages starting this fall in order to keep pressure on the government year-round instead of just during the spring when protests are expected."