Pamela Anderson: Salomon Marriage Never Happened

April 26, 2008 By:
Pamela Anderson: Salomon Marriage Never Happened

Pamela Anderson's been married so many times she can't recall which one was real and which was fake. Ok not really, but she is claiming that her two-month marriage to Rick Salomon "never happened."

While appearing on Larry King Live, Pam said, "Oh jeez... It never happened... It was an - well, it was an annulment so..." King then countered, "An annulment means it never happened," to which Pam replied: "Yes. It never happened."

So some random guy followed you around like a puppy for two months for no reason? She really needs to give the quickie marriages a rest.

Meanwhile, Pam is busy protesting in Washington for PETA. She went to the DHHS to present papers on using animals for testing. She's arguing that animals were used to test breast implants--a subject she's very familiar with.