Pamela Anderson Refuses to Move Out of Trailer Park

August 14, 2009 By:
Pamela Anderson Refuses to Move Out of Trailer Park

Pamela Anderson loves living at a trailer park so much, she's refusing to move even though renovations on her house are finally complete.

Pam owns a beachfront pad in Malibu, but had to temporarily move into a trailer at Paradise Cove while her house was being renovated. And now that's she's found love at the trailer park, she doesn't want to leave to move back into her home.

She tells Elle magazine, "It's a one-room mobile home that I bought as a guest house, then we moved in temporarily. I moved there because I was waiting for this damn house to be built in this posh part of Malibu. And then I realized I was so much happier and the kids were also happy.

"I fell in love there - it's where my boyfriend lives, too. He's an electrician and we met on our way to the beach."

Pam fell in love with her latest boyfriend, electrician Jamie Padgett, while taking a stroll to the nearby beach. She loves that they're just a few trailers away from each other and doesn't want to leave him to move back into her swanky Malibu home.

But knowing Pam, she'll get married again in a few months and he'll move into her home with her kids. Wedding number four doesn't seem too far off. Maybe they can just tie the knot at the Malibu trailer park, it would seem fitting for Pam.