Pamela Anderson Had a Live-In Stalker

September 14, 2011 By:
Pamela Anderson Had a Live-In Stalker

Sometimes, you're just being paranoid. And sometimes, there really is a crazy person sneaking into your house when you're gone and then spying on you from the corridors when you think no one is looking.

Aging Barbie doll, Pamela Anderson, has revealed that a stalker once broke into her house and lived there in secret without her or her sons knowing. The Baywatch star told OK! magazine:

"One fan snuck into my house, sliced their wrists and then ate all my bread. It's terrible but I am serious!"

Slit her wrists? Ate bread? My brain can't process the questions fast enough, so I'll just let her continue:

"When the police took her, she was even wearing one of my 'Baywatch' bathing suits. It was very scary, actually. I was in my house with my children, alone, and this woman had gotten in and was there for a few days."

This is the scariest thing I've ever heard. Apparently, the woman was staying in one of the guest rooms and neither Pamela nor her two sons, Brandon and Dylan, suspected anything. So either this stalker lady is really, really sneaky, or Pamela Anderson's house is so damn big, there are people living in there and she has no idea.

"I kept noticing my bread was going missing and then my jean jacket disappeared. But I was like, 'I'm going crazy because I have two babies, I'm forgetting everything.' But this woman had been staying in the guest room for days. When the police came, she slit her wrists!"

Of all the things this stalker could've taken, she chooses bread and a jean jacket? Not only is she bat sh-t crazy, she has terrible taste. Anderson revealed that despite her suicide attempt, the woman didn't die.

"She didn't die, she just got deported."

Wait a second…wasn't this in Borat? She's not confusing this with Sacha Baron Cohen's alter ego, is she?

If Pamela needs some protecting, ex-husband Tommy Lee might be her dude. He looks pretty scary, and she could just put him on the front patio like one of those fake owls that keep pigeons away. And Anderson says she's not ruling out a reconciliation with the rocker:

"You never know. Life is short. Sometimes I see us wheeling our wheelchairs around together with no teeth,"

Yeah, drugs'll do that to ya.

"We’re great friends. I harass him constantly.”

She even goes so far to suggest a remarriage:

“I would do it again. I want the kids to one day actually see me married and happy, in some kind of traditional setup. We’ve had such a non-traditional life and I’m a romantic, so I think that’s on the cards.”