Pamela Anderson Breaks Up With Boyfriend

January 8, 2010 By:
Pamela Anderson Breaks Up With Boyfriend

Pamela Anderson is single again! We don’t even know why this woman dates, since she always ends up single after a few months!

After a whirlwind romance with electrician Jamie Padgett, Pam has broken things off.

The two met while she moved into a trailer park while her home was undergoing renovations. But rumors started buzzing after Pam flew solo to London over the holidays.

A source tells, "Pam made it pretty clear she is no longer dating Jamie and that she was looking for a new love interest. She didn't have anything bad to say about him and described him as a 'sweet guy' and that she hoped they would remain friends."

Padgett still seemed a little confused about their status, telling reporters, "Pam is a fine mother and she does some great work for animal rights through PETA. I did not go to London with her over the holidays as I was doing my own thing - it's up to her to say if we are dating or not. I'm sure I will see her when I see her."

Sounds like Pam needs to inform her man that he’s out of the picture!