Pam Anderson: I Found Jesus In Las Vegas

June 6, 2012 By:
Pam Anderson: I Found Jesus In Las Vegas

You heard it here first… Some things don’t stay in Las Vegas after all.

Pamela Anderson met her current man-friend Jesus “Half Animal” Villa in Vegas 10 years ago. Today, they are still together and the passion is still burning.

At the Simon G “Summer Soiree” at The Palazzo Las Vegas, Pam and Jesus filled Hollyscoop in on what was new and exciting in their lives.

“I enjoy bringing her roses for a good reason,” Jesus told Hollyscoop. “I enjoy waking up in the morning and getting a voicemail from her … She touches my heart all time.”

Jesus is an acrobat who has appeared in over 5,000 Cirque du Soleil performances. According to the couple, Pam “kidnapped” Jesus after seeing him in "Zumanity," a Cirque du Soleil show. Since then, they have remained as close as best friends.

“It all started in Vegas,” said Pam. “Some relationships last that start in Vegas, it’s a miracle.”

When she’s not strutting around with her lover and showing off expensive jewelry, Pam is dedicated to preserving the rainforest. Her efforts include teaming up with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood to raise funds and awareness to communities fighting against deforestation.

Pam is also a strong advocate of animal rights. Recently, she protested to protect activist Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, seen in the reality series “Whale Wars.” Her efforts aim to prevent Watson from being extradited from Germany to Costa Rica where he has bounty on his head.

The authority in all things sexy has her vegetarian lifestyle to thank when it comes to maintaining her provocative figure. She urges fans to follow her lead.

“Be a vegetarian. Be a vegetarian,” she said.