Pam Anderson Explained Sex Tape To Her Kids

September 11, 2008 By:
Pam Anderson Explained Sex Tape To Her Kids

It's hard enough to have the birds and the bees talk with your kids. Throw a personal sex tape scandal in the mix, and we've got an after-school special on our hands!

Pamela Anderson says she was forced to explain her personal scandal with her sex tape with Tommy Lee to her pre-teen boys. And she can thank Sacha Baron Cohen for that, because all the kids wanted was to watch Borat!

Pam felt that since she and her sex tape were such a pivotal part of that movie, she needed to tell them what happened prior to the screening.

Pam says, "I explained to them... 'Mom and daddy run about naked all the time and we taped some things... and someone stole the tape.' They really wanted to see Borat and I finally had a breakdown and let them because all their friends had seen it and I said: 'There are a few things we have to talk about before you see Borat.' So I did sit down with them and watch Borat. I kind of went 'La la la' over the parts I didn't want them to hear... I tried to muddle through that."

Those poor kids! Imagine what it would be like having Pamela Anderson as your mom?! The whole world has seen her have sex!